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Springfield, Ore. –
 Through a partnership announced in February 2018 with PanelArtz Inc., in Kent, Wash., Roseburg is pleased to introduce the PanelArtz Elite Surfaces product line to the North American market.

The PanelArtz Elite Surfaces line offers decorative composite panels with PET foil laminate – an environmentally friendly, low-maintenance coating that offers a beautiful High Gloss or Super Matte finish with exceptional style, durability, and scratch- and fade-resistance for interior applications.

These innovative interior design options include 25 High Gloss and Super Matte finishes in solid colors, wood grains and 3D designs. For a sleek, modern look popularized in Europe, the High Gloss designs make a bold, contemporary statement. The Super Matte options provide a soft, smooth texture for a unique aesthetic. Designers are now pairing wood grains with solids, and gloss with matte, for high-contrast and impactful designs. The PanelArtz Elite Surfaces collection is the perfect source for curating a fresh, modern look.

Through the new partnership, PanelArtz Elite Surfaces are now laminated exclusively to Roseburg Arreis® No-Added Formaldehyde (NAF) MDF panels. Arreis is highly specified for green building projects, as it can help projects achieve certification points for low-emitting materials. An FSC®-certified product is also available.

PanelArtz Elite Surfaces are an ideal material for interior casework, cabinetry, furniture, wall panels, storage systems, retail fixtures, hospitality furniture, and casework, and all residential cabinetry applications. The panels can be produced with the PET finish on both sides, or on one side with a solid TFL back, well-suited for cabinetry applications. Each design has a matching edge band available in two sizes.

Because Arreis NAF MDF is produced domestically and the PET lamination occurs in Kent, Wash., North American customers can be assured they are buying a TSCA Title VI-certified panel with lower lead times than imported panels. Roseburg is proud to be the exclusive distributor of PanelArtz’s innovative, state-of-the-art composite panels through our established distribution network.

For specifics about panel sizes and thicknesses or to see the finish design options, visit

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